dinsdag 8 april 2008

Excerpts from Ricardo Semler's book "Maverick: The Success Behind the World's Most Unusual Workplace"

In “Maverick: The Success Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace” (Amazon link), Ricardo Semler tells the story of how he converted a traditionally structured business into one without walls and rules. The way he challenges assumptions and rethinks how a business can be run is inspirational. (It’s probably the business book that’s been read by more members of 37signals than any other.)
Some text from the blog
What’s wrong with bosses:
That’s what’s wrong with bosses. So many of them are better prepared to find error and to criticize than to add to the effort. To be the boss is what counts to most bosses. They confuse authority with authoritarianism. They don’t trust their subordinates.
Why bureaucracies get built:
Bureaucracies are built by and for people who busy themselves proving they are necessary, especially when they suspect they aren’t. All these bosses have to keep themselves occupied, and so they constantly complicate everything…I wanted our people to have more contact with one another. I wanted less clutter. I wanted fewer levels. I wanted more flexibility. I wanted a new shape for our organization.

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