maandag 18 augustus 2008

Cheats of Strength: 10 Next-Gen Olympic Doping Methods

Wired, Aug 15, 2008
While the International Olympic Committee is busy trying to catch today's performance enhancers, athletes are already looking for the next big boost that will give them the edge in 2012.
Most of the positive doping tests in Beijing -- and the IOC president estimates there will be as many as 40 -- will likely be for steroids and the blood-boosting hormone erythropoietin, known as EPO.
But the future of doping could get a lot more complicated. Here are some of the most promising -- or threatening, if you're the World Anti-Doping Agency -- candidates for the next Olympics.

  1. Use your genes to grow more muscle
  2. Pop a blood-boosting pill
  3. Grow more blood vessels
  4. Feel less pain, get more gain
  5. Beef up specific muscles
  6. Get more muscles, fewer zits
  7. Fill up with new blood substitutes
  8. Take a next-gen EPO
  9. Pump up your muscle fiber
  10. Lastly, use mustard?

With all the crazy, complicated doping schemes out there could the journey to the top of the podium simply require a trip to the grocery store?

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