woensdag 16 juli 2008

Google Trends Reveals Which Tech Trends Are Hot (Or Not)

Datamation news, July 16
If you want to know which trends are growing more popular and which are sinking toward “jump the shark” status, look at Google Trends.
The tool, kind of a search engine within a search engine, reveals the popularity – or unpopularity – of a given search keyword. Its results reflect mega-patterns of what people are thinking about (if you accept the thesis that Internet searches equals the public’s level of interest).
The data goes back to 2004, so Google Trends often shows a multi-year trend of ascendance. Or, poignantly, a multi-year sinking trend line that suggests a given person or thing is yesterday’s lunch meat.
This tool is good way to get a forward-looking glimpse of what tech trends are coming or going.

Ary: Fun to play with it. E.g. screenshot shows the graph of Microsoft and Google.

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