donderdag 31 juli 2008

New blog messages per e-mail

Now there is a possibility to receive new messages (RSS feed) delivered per e-mail at your computer. So, you don't need to have a feedreader for new blog messages.

At you can fill in the feed and this system will take care to send it per e-mail to you. It claims to look for update almost every 2 hours, but my test showed new messages received at 00:00. So probably it is send at the start of a day.

At the home page you have to specify the feed you want to be delivered and your e-mail address.
Then you receive an e-mail you have to confirm. And voila that is all.

So, if you want ALL new messages per e-mail of my blog you fill in the RSS of Ary's Blog

You can also make a selection of blogs per tag:

If you want technology message of my blog then you have to specify

Or whatever you want. Just look at the labels (at INHOUD) and replace a space with %20

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