donderdag 10 januari 2008

BUG (the Lego of gadgets)

Op de CES beurs was dit een van de winnaars.
Bouw zelf je eigen gadget!

The Bug Labs platform starts with a minicomputer, the Bug Base, onto which you can snap multiple modules, such as a digital camera or an LCD screen.
You can then program your own software to run your custom gadget or download software others have written.
Need a GPS-enabled digital camera that will automatically upload your images to Flickr?
With the Bug Labs platform, you can build one.

The Bug Platform is totally open source, highly configurable, and designed to go wherever consumers' imaginations take them. Plus, the company has a unique "early adopter" pricing scheme, in which the price is lower during the first 60 days; this is a great way to encourage people to start developing software to share.

Mogelijkheden te over en te lezen op
Aanvulling 11/01/08: Als je je aanmeldt bij technologyreview (gratis) dan zie je een uitgebreide review van dit apparaat. Kijk maar op

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