vrijdag 11 januari 2008

Eight business technology trends to watch

McKinsey heeft een interessant artikel geschreven.

A number of new and emerging technologies, many aimed at enhancing the way the internet is used, promise to change how companies innovate, managers make decisions, and business lower costs, tap talent, or realize new business opportunities.

Technology alone is rarely the key to unlock economic value: companies create real wealth when they combine technology with new ways of doing business.
Through our work and research, we have identified eight technology-enabled trends that will help shape businesses and the economy in the comming years. These trends fall within three broad areas of business activity: managing relationships, managing capital and assets, and leveraging information in new ways.

Managing relationships
1. Distributing cocreation
2. Using consumers as innovators
3. Tapping in a world of talent
4. Extracting more value from interactions
Managing capital and assets
5. Expanding the frontiers of automation
6. Unbundeling production from delivery
Leveraging information in new ways
7. Putting more science into management
8. Making businesses from information

Veel inspirerende gedachten (althans voor mij).

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