dinsdag 2 september 2008

Ary as Google Chrome user

I downloaded Google Chrome.
Installation in a few seconds (1 minute?).
Start and work with it.

I am still exploring it (where are my favorites?). But what impresses me is the striking speed of this browser. My first 5 minute experience makes me almost immediate love it, impression is very good.
As you can see in the screenshot: All tabs are located at the top (which basically is the biggest architectural change, as each tab is an own process, which can be run side by side instead of all tabs in one big proces (as in all other browsers))).
Ok, I continue exploring this.

Sept 3, update:
Problems discovered:
- Play a movie from Youtube stopped after 2 seconds. Other movie tried, same problem
Close browser, try again never had the problem anymore
- Java scripts. This seems to be the area with the most troubles. Some applets don't work.

Things I like (or should I say love):
- Opening screen with the most recently opened webpages
I never realized that this is so effective
- Speed, speed, speed, nice, nice, nice

Some more evaluations:
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Ryan Naraine & Dancho Danchev Google Chrome vulnerable to carpet-bombing flaw
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes Google Chrome is insanely fast … faster than Firefox 3.0
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