zaterdag 13 september 2008

DEMOgod Award: Plastic Logic

Last week it was the DEMO 08 event.
Click on the DEMO08 logo to see more of it.

During DEM08 10 God Awards were given to 10 promissing start-ups.

One of them was Plastic Logic.
They not only got the DEMOgod Award but also the Public Price.

They demonstrated Plastic Logic.
Product Description
Plastic Logic is using proprietary plastic electronics technology to create products that enable information access, organization and consumption. Its first product, due in the market early in 2009, provides a portable digital reading experience for work, education and recreation that is better than paper. The Plastic Logic product is based on its plastic electronic display, distinguished by its large display size, thin depth, low weight, long battery life, and robustness.

The video is the impressive demonstration of Plastic Logic

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