maandag 8 september 2008

Google makes waves and may have solved the data center conundrum

ZDNet News, Sept 8, 2008
Google is pondering a floating data center that could be powered and cooled by the ocean. These offshore data centers could sit 3 to 7 miles offshore and reside in about 50 to 70 meters of water.
The search giant filed for a patent in February that was approved Aug. 28. The patent outlines a concept that would not only be savvy engineering, but deliver great returns. Rich Miller at Data Center Knowledge called Google’s patent a “startling new take on data center engineering.” I’d call it brilliant engineering, but the financial engineering could be even more impressive.
To wit:

  • Google could power these data center pontoons with wind potentially and cool them with water. You could argue that these ocean data centers could be self sustaining.
  • Property taxes? There’s no property.
  • State negotiations and building rights? Launching these data centers may require a lot less red tape.

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