zaterdag 13 september 2008

DEMOgod Award: Microstaq

Last week it was the DEMO 08 event.
Click on the DEMO08 logo to see more of it.

During DEM08 10 God Awards were given to 10 promissing start-ups.

One of them was MICROSTAQ.
They presented the SEV (Silicon Expansion Valve).
Product Description
The Microstaq SEV uses MEMS technology to provide systems the ability to be significantly more energy and cost efficient in the commercial and residential HVAC industry, the automotive air-conditioning and transmission field, as well as various applications in the medial industry. The SEV facilitates electronic control capability, increased system durability and reliability, faster response to operating condition (temperature) changes, as well as lower maintenance and raw material costs.

In this video they explain what it saves:

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